Always worth a listen. He kept hating the cops for picking a theory and going with it and he was doing the exact same thing and not even giving any other theories a look at without defensive comments. The Gloria Pointer Teen Movement Initiative, founded by Ghanaian Anthony Tay, supports West African youth in obtaining an education 177 episodes totalling 169 hours, 36 minutes. Nic is very private and wants to protect his extended family. Podswag. There are several publicly known suspects in Denises case. Now I'm wondering how many clues there have been through small talk in the episodes Yeah I thought they might have known each other for years but they have talked about high school and who they lived with as teenagers and havent seemed to hint they were related tho as they both have different experiences? We discuss the BTK, Dennis Rader a sadist who named himself after his process Bind, Torture, Kill. But then again, maybe she has no friends and this is her way of coping. from Cleveland State University. Hows that for some profiling? And dont get me wrong, I dont even intend to elaborate upon any of the notorious Cbus cold cases at the moment here, either, at present. Black. Contact info Agent info Known for True Crime Garage 9.4 Podcast Series Self - Host Self - Narrator (voice) 2015-2022 502 eps The Lake Erie Murders 7.1 TV Series Self - True Crime Garage Host 2018 2 eps Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad Podcast Series Self - Host, True Crime Garage (voice) 2020 2 eps The Generation Why Podcast Podcast Series And who knows if he still teaches music. The residents of Big Pine Key, Little Torch Key, and No Name Key were frightened and rightfully so. You'll be up-to-date on the latest happenings and things to do in Cbus + be the first to know about our events and giveaways. I think that Nic is probably just sick of the interruptions and bad jokes, and in turn, that probably embarrasses or annoys the Captain. Born in 1945, he experienced what to most seemed a pleasant childhood with a loving f They've been friends since they were practically kids, let's not read into it and assume Nic can't stand up for himself if he feels the captain is being mean to him or whatever. OSU Yeah. It's ok for people to make observations about the podcast and have opinions without someone saying something childish like "if you don't like it so much, don't listen!". It's weird that she acts like they're her friends but it's even weirder that you considered, and frankly partially doxxed your coworker. Shes the one I feel we hear about the most. Off the Record is the latest project from True Crime Garage hosts, Nic and the Captain. Rate. Beyond that, Im aware that Patrick teaches music, and has also mentioned working at a bank in his younger days. Vince has been with Cleveland Scene since 2007 in varying roles and has served as editor-in-chief since 2012. With an edgy, fly-on-the-wall . Just how many murders is Charlie responsible for? With that said I always felt that Captain holds them back from reaching the mainstream with his (sometimes) incoherent thoughts, random cursing, and overall lack of polish. Subscribe /// Off The Record. However, there is no justice, as the killer had already died back in 2013. Im commenting on some tension Im noticing between them that seems to be coming only from him. . So even Nics bio on there is typically low-key. Police were looking for a connection between the homicides of three female victims. Which makes it totally astounding that I only recently stumbled upon True Crime Garage. He is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Cuyahoga Criminal Defense Lawyers. As Edwards and the Captain receive new suggestions for episodes via their website and email daily, Edwards said the two continue to add to their master list of cases to cover for future episodes. Hilliard Ohio Hosts Nic and the Captain invite you to grab a chair, grab a beer and join them as they talk some true crime. Urquhart works as an autopsy technician, while Kelley works as a hairdresser. Yes, when I listen to a podcast Im listening to it the same way I watch the news. Terry H. Gilbert, a partner in the Cleveland firm of Friedman & Gilbert, is one of the states most prominent criminal defense and civil rights attorneys, specializing in both high profile criminal defense and civil rights litigation. Both because it is fairly old, but also because debate persists as to whether this was even a murder. Nic Edwards is known for his work on True Crime Garage (2015), The Lake Erie Murders (2018) and Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad (2019). Its not anything that we are interested in. Bill Comeans (August 29 2017, episode 137): Of all these cases, this one I think unfortunately seems least likely to be solved. They dynamic between the hosts plays into that, too, so its possible that they wished to verbally spar like siblings without coming right out and explaining that they are. Beer of the Week - Heart of Darkness from Magic Hat Brewing Company Garage Grade - 3 and 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5 Recommended Reading - Invisible Killer; The Monster Behind the Mask by Diana Montane & Sean Robbins, The Tell-Tale Heart /// The Crimes of Charlie Brandt /// 648. However, according to The Captain, he has spoken to security figures who insist it was not at all difficult to leave that bar without appearing on camera, despite wide reports to the contrary. And yes, some people (you can regard them as creepy or weird, its your call) do think of people they have never met as friends due to the internets. So yeah, it would be great to cover their histories in detail. In the early morning hours of November 13, 2022, between 3 am and 4 am, four University of Idaho college students were stabbed to death in a shared rental home close to campus, in which three of them resided. Joey LaBute (April 27 2016, episode 27): In eerie echoes of the Shaffer case, LaBute also came up missing after leaving a bar (in this case, a Short North one), despite being out with friends. She is also a founder of Positive Plus, a support group for women who have lost children through violence, and co-founder of Parents Against Child Killing. Maxwell's Bar Host on True Crime Garage. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Keep an eye on your email for a chance at the next one! Asenath Dukat (May 31/June 1 2022, episodes 583 & 584): a 9 year old girl is abducted and then found dead a few hours later at the corner of Riverside and Waltham. With [The Captain] moving back from Indiana, we really just recorded the first few episodes to see if we could do it, Edwards said. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Also that her killer by all appearances abducted Asenath, took her elsewhere, then brought her back to this original site. Though True Crime Garage somehow just instantly clicked with a huge audience, well beyond their wildest expectations, you wont really find a single definitive piece written about either of them online and this is by design. Flogging Molly are at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. 6 Penn State, Womens Basketball: No. I also think theres something very Ohio-centric, or at the very least Columbus-esque, about their chill, offhand natures, that they crank out a project this substantial yet still have the attitude of basically shrugging and saying, eh, whatever, this is something weve been working on, I guess its kinda cool. While scoring it with their own music, reviewing beers, creating their own merchandise, operating out of a garage and attempting to remain as anonymous as possibleeven as they are running one of the most successful true crime podcasts in all the land. Yvonne Pointer is an anti-violence activist, author, motivational speaker, philanthropist and member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. What episode(s) were you referring to here? Hosts Nic and the Captain invite you to grab a chair, grab a beer and join them as they talk some true crime. Now, I surely dont hang out enough on TCGs facebook to start caring about individual people, but its possible that this person has had more behind-the-scenes interaction with the Captain or Nic than you realize. Alexa hopes to support The Porchlight Project with her focused knowledge of donor-centered philanthropy. A couple of key differences are that he did send out one nonsensical text though a wide range of theories have attempted decoding it, pretty much everyone agrees that the purpose was a cry for help and that his body was eventually found, in the Scioto River. This would make most sense as to why Nic accepts Captain's occasional ramblings. Be sure to open tomorrow's email and click the giveaway link for another entry! He has participated in over 1,100 criminal investigations. Cheers! The murders all took place inside of a 10 mile radius and all within just 13 months. I like the Captain, but the interruption game has gotten old. What would you like to have them say about it? If you consider yourself an armchair detective, youre in the right place, and youre amongst friends. And lord knows I have been a true crime fanatic all these years, right alongside everyone else. Comment. True Crime Garage Podcast. This is a compilation of hidden treasures - a chance to dive deeper; discuss new theories and updates on your favorite episodes. Coincidence? Copyright 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Sugar Shack This case is unusual in that it seems like theres a good chance Tyler fell victim to two unconnected crimes in the same night. . Inside the murder house they found a double murder and a suicide. Another early episode that contributed to True Crime Garages meteoric rise was the case of OSU student Brian Schafer, who vanished after leaving the Ugly Tuna Saloona on an April night in 2006. They have mentioned their family countless times. When the podcast was just taking off, [my band] was playing music across the street from where he was last seen, The Captain said. In addition to exploring cases as well known as the Zodiac Killer and the Delphi murders, the duo has covered one closer to home the disappearance of Ohio State medical student Brian Shaffer. He has been a contributor to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children since 2014. Columbus, Ohio Area. Yeah you are completely incorrect. For the mystery-seeker, True Crime Garage presents an archive of missing persons, unsolved and cold cases, plus accounts of infamous serial killers and chilling solved cases. A lot of people, his wife Brittany included, think he may have ingested a roofie type drug that was actually intended for her. I wonder when the last time they took a real break was. Although after a quick google search, I found an article that calls them childhood friends. We didnt think anyone would listen, but we were wrong.. Is anyone else picking that up? It's really not that serious She sounds like she isn't living in reality. Most of these other shows that are popping up these days are big network shows, Nic says in a Lantern article from February 2022, adding, its not anything that we are interested in.. High Street Frank Turner is the opening act for this show, which in case I forgot to mention, was at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. Theres a responsibility that we have now, to help if we can, The Captain said. Every other podcast I have listened to mentions it at some point. A place to discuss the podcast True Crime Garage, Press J to jump to the feed. And the primary suspect (well, for at least some of the incidentsthis is a really strange case) worked here, in the Budweiser plant. We discuss the BTK, Dennis Rader a sadist who named himself after his process Bind, Torture, Kill. As its name suggests, True Crime Garage started in Edwards' Columbus-area garage. Personally, I like his outbursts. Rate. Goodale Park This would make most sense as to why Nic accepts Captain's occasional ramblings (which I mostly enjoy anyway btw). Crazy! And at first, the project was more of an excuse to socialize than a serious attempt to hit it big. and a healthy lifestyle. Generally speaking, I have avoided covering any true crime on this website. The Brian Schafer case sticks with me. He currently hosts Lake Erie's Coldest Cases for Discovery ID. There are several publicly known suspects in Denises case. 32. Its interesting when they play devils advocate with the possibilities, and it was disappointing to her Nic shut down. Captain is holding a beer bottle and appears to be pointing at the label. It was believed that someone was killing females and removing their hearts. Comments. I had often thought that The Captain sounds like a guy who would wear a ballcap. Columbus Ohio 293. Stars. Garrett Burton (November 29 2022, episode 632): a teenage boy and some of his friends are egging cars late one night along Hilliard Rome Road, back in 2008. Oh, and yes, I almost forgot, they begin each episode reviewing a beer, often local, that they are sampling in the course of recording it so make that maybe four different angles this page will ultimately cover, if I decide to mention these as well. All topics All topics. Whatever your opinions on the show, or either guy, please tell me that you know all you're doing is listening to a podcast!! Dan Marks Graphic Designer Dan is Kent State University alumnus with a degree in Visual Communication Design. I wonder if she does this to other people in her life. I feel like this show could be a mainstream hit on a network like Oxygen with Nic's style and professionalism. I consider them friends, for sure. If you would like to submit a story, click here. The murders all took place inside of a 10 mile radius and all within just 13 months. A place to discuss the podcast True Crime Garage, Press J to jump to the feed. Primarily this is because true crime is an enormously popular field, particularly in podcasts, and there are so many out there which do an amazing job with it. I honestly feel like a scumbag for finding all of this, but it was such an easy process that it only took about 5 minutes to confirm that they're brothers. I swear, I feel like at one point I remember Nic referring to his mom in a way that made it seem like she also wasnt Captains mother. Back in January of 1993 someone murdered the workers and robbed the Brown's Chicken & Pasta restaurant on the corner of the Northwest Highway and North Smith street. Comfest Those who are interested in suggesting a case for True Crime Garage to cover are encouraged to contact them through the podcasts website. Beer of the Week - Hunters Harvest by Second Crossing Brew CompanyGarage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5, Denise Pflum /// Part 1 /// 651Part 1 of 2 www.TrueCrimeGarage.comThe disappearance of 18 year old Denise Pflum has got to be one of the biggest mysteries of Southeast Indiana. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I just assumed they were childhood friends. But like you said, the captain adds in some comedic relief that would be lacking without him there. I think there's probably a difference now in that the show is reputable. Im picturing Trinettea Williamson [mother of Paige], and shes fucking heartbroken; her daughters been gone for two years and we dont know what happened. The most bizarre aspect about this cold case (it occurred in 1980) is that it happened basically in broad daylight, on the same property where a bunch of people were voting at the time. Follow Nic Edwards at @TCGNIC and the Garage True Crime Garage on Apple Podcasts and anywhere you can listen to podcasts. North High Street Alumni Club The Porchlight Project was formed to lend special help to cases of abduction and murder that have gone cold. Exactly! Do you not have any friends youve met on the internet and have yet to meet in real life? If they wanted us to know that they were brothers, they'd mention it. Denises car was found abandoned the next day. Prior to transitioning to full-time teaching, Dan spent twenty-one years in law enforcement, including fourteen years as a Special Agent with the Ohio Attorney Generals Office in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). Dan serves on the editorial review board for the Journal of Forensic Identification and is a court qualified expert in crime scene investigation, bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting incident reconstruction, and crime scene reconstruction. By noon, people were already concerned about her, as she had never missed a day on the job up to this point. Yet you can never have too many people spreading the word about an unsolved crime. Your coworker sounds quite literally, and alarmingly, insane. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The podcast often covers other local and Ohio-based cases as well, and for the duo, the reality of each disappearance or death becomes stark and unavoidable when they take place in the same city. The Idaho Four w/ Nic Edwards of True Crime Garage. Since then, this has been somewhat of an obsession, and is pretty much all Im listening to these days. Watershed. Just started listening to the podcast and while I enjoy their interactions with each other, I keep feeling like the Captain is assuming incorrect information, pointing out facts with very little importance, and making inappropriate jokes that do not provide any type of comic relief. The podcast quickly rose to success, and the Captain said True Crime Garage now regularly makes it onto true crime charts on iTunes. We should have known based on the fact that they both say innaresting all the time. Ruby Tuesday gtag('event', 'ads', {type: 'impressions', title: 'Franklin Park Conservatory- Inline - '}); Alongside his co-host (who simply goes by The Captain for anonymity) the pair make up the local and ineffably popularaveraging over one million downloads each weekpodcast True Crime Garage. That kind indoctrination can fulfill a hallow person is ways that arent healthy for them. 1993 - 37 year old wife and mother, Gatha Bowman was last seen at the healthcare business that she . This just might be one of the many victims of serial stalker and kidnapper Larry DeWayne Hall. Most of these other shows that are popping up these days are big network shows, and they have a massive team of people, Edwards said. Hosts Nic and the Captain invite you to grab a chair, grab a beer and join them as they talk some true crime. There are some reports that a man in a blue car was following her around while she walked, but if so, nothing comes of this lead. When a loved one goes missing, friends and neighbors show their support by keeping their porch light on. Cheers, everyone. Grandview By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I know they arent literally speaking directly to me. brothers or not he'll always be the captain to me. Remember to not take yourself too seriously because if you do, nobody else will. I listen to a podcast (the Dollop) where I have heard a dudes voice for over 1000 hours. Beer of the Week - Heart of Darkness from Magic Hat Brewing Company Garage Grade - 3 and 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5 Recommended Reading - Invisible Killer; The Monster Behind the Mask by Diana Montane & Sean Robbins Also read The Tell Tale Heart by legendary writer and poet Edgar Allen PoeHappy Valentines Day from Nic & The Captain. He has appeared on CNN, the Oxygen Network, and the Discovery Channel. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. From international atrocities to heinous stories on (US) home turf, dive head-first into a different . According to. The Lantern newsroom can be reached by email ( or by telephone (614-292-5721). Denise never came home. Police apparently do have a different suspect, meanwhile, one who claims he had consensual sex with Lias shortly before her death, but were also unable to make a case against him. warrant band documentary,
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